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Park Jimin

Name: Park Jimin

Position: Vocalist 

Jimin, whose full name is Park Ji-min, is a South Korean singer, dancer, and a member of the internationally renowned boy band BTS. Here is a detailed profile of Jimin, highlighting his background, talent, and contributions to the group.


Jimin, a South Korean artist, was born on October 13, 1995, in Busan. He grew up with one younger brother. Before his remarkable debut with the popular group BTS, Jimin dedicated himself to honing his skills as a contemporary dancer at Busan High School of Arts. Following his passion, he enrolled in Global Cyber University to pursue a degree in broadcasting and performing arts. In 2012, Jimin embarked on his journey as a trainee under the guidance of Big Hit Entertainment, ultimately achieving his long-awaited debut as a member of BTS in June 2013.


1. Singing: Jimin possesses a captivating and versatile voice, known for its smooth and soulful quality. He has the ability to convey emotions through his singing and has showcased his vocal prowess in numerous BTS songs. Jimin often handles high notes and delivers powerful performances.

2. Dancing: Jimin is renowned for his exceptional dancing skills, characterized by precise and fluid movements. He expresses intricate choreography with grace and charisma. His dance style blends contemporary dance, hip-hop, and popping, making him a standout performer on stage.

3. Performance: Jimin is an incredible performer who captivates audiences with his stage presence and expressive delivery. He has a natural ability to engage with the crowd, leaving a lasting impact with his energy and passion. His performances are often praised for their intensity and emotional depth.

4. Charisma: Jimin possesses magnetic charisma that draws people in. His infectious smile, charm, and genuine personality have made him a favorite among fans worldwide. He has a strong connection with the audience, and his interactions with fans have endeared him to many.

Contributions to the Group:

1. Vocals: Jimin's vocal abilities greatly contribute to BTS's diverse sound. His range and emotional delivery add depth and variety to the group's music, enhancing their ability to convey different moods and messages.

2. Choreography: Jimin actively participates in the creation and execution of BTS's complex choreography. His dance skills and creativity have helped shape the group's performances, making them visually stunning and memorable.

3. Teamwork: Jimin is known for his strong teamwork and dedication to the group. He is always supportive of his fellow members, encouraging and motivating them. His positive attitude and collaborative spirit contribute to the harmonious dynamic within BTS.

4. Songwriting and Musical Influence: While not as prominent as some other members in terms of songwriting, Jimin has co-written and contributed to the lyrics of several BTS tracks, such as "Lie" and "Filter." His musical input adds a personal touch to the group's discography, reflecting his thoughts and experiences.

Overall, Jimin's talent, dedication, and stage presence have made him an integral part of BTS. His vocal abilities, exceptional dancing skills, and charisma contribute to the group's success, while his teamwork and positive attitude strengthen the bond among the members. Jimin continues to inspire and touch the hearts of fans worldwide with his performances and genuine personality.

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